MARBIONC is Marine Biotechnology in North Carolina.

MARBIONC scientists use an efficient, three-step process to guide a product from the marine environment to the marketplace:
  1. Identify niche markets to ensure products are developed to meet specific needs.
  2. Assemble teams of MARBIONC researchers from science, business and academia that match the needs of the product with the specific needs of their partners.
  3. Provide infrastructure and support necessary to bring the new marine products to the marketplace.
What is Marine Biotechnology?
Marine biotechnology is the use of marine organisms, at the whole cell or molecular level, to provide products, technologies and processes that will benefit society.

To stimulate economic development in North Carolina through the discovery, development and marketing of new products and technologies derived from living organisms found in the sea.
To position North Carolina’s marine biotechnology industry as a key component in reaching economic and environmental solutions on a global scale.