Aeruginosamide B

Trivial Name: Aeruginosamide B
Source Organism: Microcystis aeruginosa
CAS Registry Number: 1669416-56-1
Formula:  C32H38N4O4S
Exact Mass: 574.26
Formula Weight: 574.73
Production Method: Natural product
Storage/Shipping Conditions:  This material is packaged in glass vials and is shipped with an ice pack. If prolonged storage is required, keep in a tightly sealed container at -20C 
Toxicity: Toxic

Mode of Action:  Aeruginosamides are linear, prenylated, thiazole containing peptides1. Aeruginosamide A displays toxicity to human ovarian and leukemia tumor cells at micro molar concentrations 2,3.

Unit size: 100 µg - $ 200

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